>Dark Chocolate Pretzels and a Historic Snow Storm

December 20, 2010 § 40 Comments


I looked to my left and stopped in my tracks. Finally, I found Mammoth’s igloo. No matter that we were on our way to the lift, I ran over and inside. I had never been in an igloo before. There were two entrances but because of the amount of snow that had fallen over the past two days really only one was accessible. We giggled like little kids and snapped a few photos before coming back out and hitting the slope (only one was open due to the inclement weather). It was a light-hearted day – how could it not be when only one lift is running at each lodge with snow so thick you can barely walk? There were snowball fights and people riding around on their snowboards like they were sleds. And there were snow angels, oh yes. We were just happy to be there, in the snow.

(Click photos to enlarge)
This weekend was historic in terms of snow fall – this is the snowiest December since 1969 with 8.5 feet to 12.5 feet of snowfall (depending on where on the mountain you are) in the past few days. The snow just kept falling falling falling – and is expected to continue doing so over the upcoming days. I feel lucky to have experienced it first hand as I know that this weekend will stand out among the others for a very long time. Most others wouldn’t agree but to me this weekend was pure bliss.

It was still early when we got in line – everyone else in town was probably still in bed. Even with only one lift running, a beginner lift at that, we knew we were in for a good one. I felt giddy with excitement as I strapped in, like a child waking up to celebrate her birthday at Disneyland – thinking back on it now, I still get butterflies of excitement. We loaded the chair and as we ascended above the ground we started pointing and cracking up. We couldn’t believe our eyes. There was so so so much new snow that there were people stuck everywhere. We made it down without too much trouble, and went up for a second go. This time, in addition to people being stuck in the snow there were groups of people unstrapping and hiking back down.

Every season, there is a run so perfect that gets ingrained into our minds. It’s one that you only need to start talking about and even before you mention it, everyone who was there already knows what you’re about to say. “Hey, remember that one run last year – ” “YES!!! It was amazing.” This season’s happened yesterday. It’s still early in the season with this being only our second trip but as soon as we cut over to take a run of untouched snow that had been dumped on, I knew that this was the dragon we will be chasing through the rest of the season. Simply put – amazing. Even with the storm being a heavy one, there was enough new snow on a hill steep enough to keep us from getting too stuck… it was like there were creamy clouds under our feet as we floated right over them.

The drive home, naturally, was a treacherous one and I’m glad that we all made it home safe and sound. I made these dark chocolate pretzels after settling back in at home. I plan on wrapping them up and giving them to co-workers. They’re quite easy to make – just place Hershey’s Kisses on pretzels and stick in an oven pre-heated to 325 for two minutes (just long enough for the kisses to soften), and then place M&Ms on top. These are special treats that were born on a very special day for me. I find them to be simple, sweet, and charming. I hope you do too.

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§ 40 Responses to >Dark Chocolate Pretzels and a Historic Snow Storm

  • ravienomnoms says:

    >I AM SO JEALOUS!! Please please pleeease send me some snow my way! I haven't even gotten 1" and I live in CT! I am getting anxious to go snowboarding!Your dark chocolate pretzels look amazing!

  • Sandra says:

    >OMG…what a snow! I was complaining about little snowfall:)) I love the recipe..so easy! Wonderful photos!

  • Jazz Rules says:

    >My grandmother use to make except she would use Reese's Piece's! The peanut butter really took it to the next level!

  • >being trapped by snow is so much cozier than rain!

  • >Great recipe and beautiful pictures! Here in Germany, it has been snowing like mad too!

  • briarrose says:

    >Wow that's a lot of snow. Wonderful, easy treats.

  • >Beautiful KISS cookies! It has been snooooooooooooooooooooowing like no tomorrow here.

  • >These pretzel kisses look so adorable! I came from another blog this morning using the limited edition candy cane kisses. I think I'll have to make some for our Christmas gathering this weekend.Wow…that is some serious snowfall! Where is this place? Going inside the igloo must be fun. I will definitely run inside too :)

  • Evan @swEEts says:

    >Where do you go snowboarding? We're going to CO after Christmas for a ski trip! My little brothers made an igloo once when we had a snow storm back home it was awesome! My friends mom used to make these little pretzel bites.. they're so good! :)

  • Heather says:

    >My husband makes something almost exactly similar, but with two M&M's side-by-side. He calls them "Chocolate Kennies," since they end up looking like Kenny from South Park. :)

  • Jennifurla says:

    >This whole post is exciting! Lovely baking too. We are only getting rain here

  • tigerfish says:

    >Was also thinking to hit the ski fields soon….hmmm…but maybe in Jan/Feb or when more powder comes in the way. :) I am but just a true beginner when it comes to skiing! Cute pretzels with chocolate :)

  • >Good lord, that's a lot of snow! Good thing you have these delicious little treats to keep you company! ;) I love the sweet-salty combination, Roxan. Thanks for sharing!

  • >Way too much snow for me. But I loved reading about it from my warm little office at lunch, with a personal heater underfoot. Love the pretzel and kiss combo. Got that sweet to grab you and the salty to jump out at the last minute. Great!

  • ~Lisa~ says:

    >What a beautiful snow storm witness! Would have loved to put my ski's on. And your pretzels look yummy (=

  • >Oh Roxan…you lucky grl..you saw an igloo…WOW! I can imagine your excitement.I get no snow in Vegas and I want some :) I love those snow pictures..they are gorgeous and so are your pretzles.Its amazing how u 've turned pretzels into a holiday treat.

  • Stella says:

    >Roxan! Sounds like you guys had so much fun in the snow. I wish I could have been there. Some heavy snow sounds so nice and I've never seen an igloo. I doubt Old Man Winter would give us quite that much attention though down here in South Florida…;)Oh, and I love this treat. I actually might try it with some whole wheat pretzels for my Cauldron Boy. p.s. Cauldron Boy is just like your husband. I can't tell him what is in anything or he'll stop eating it. Even when he's been ranting about how he loves something. It is weird:)

  • >Whoa.. looks like the East coast NY last winter.. blizzard conditions… I stopped skiing after I broke my knee twice… but I'll still frolic around in the snow for sures… hehe

  • Arudhi says:

    >Wow!! The snow is unbelievable! Hope you don`t get cold from having fun with the snow :)) Your pretzels look fantastic! I always think that bags of pretzel in the stores just look boring, but yours definitely changed the impression.

  • Kristen says:

    >I simply cannot comprehend 12 feet of snow at once. What a storm!!I love the dark chocolate on those pretzel bites. It's a nice change from the usual milk chocolate.

  • >I miss Mammoth. I lived in Big Pine for a while. Awesome country and even better boardin! And thats one heck of a pretzel. Beautiful pictures!

  • Cristina says:

    >Salty pretzels with chocolate (white, milk or dark chocolate) – it's all good! A sweet and thoughtful treat for your co-workers. :)All that powdery, fresh snow…wow! It should be a long ski season and what an early holiday gift for skiers and snowboarders from Mother Nature. I need to get myself back in shape and get out there again. Great pics of the snow!

  • Foodiva says:

    >12-feet deep snow? Sounds like heaven, though I'm still glad I live in the tropics! These chocolate pretzels are ingenious and make such great gifts. Sweet and savory, with melted kisses in the middle! Now who wouldn't like that? :-)

  • Tes says:

    >Wow that's a lot of snow. And it is so beautiful :)The chocolate and pretzel is always the perfect combo.

  • >Nice! That sounds like a perfect winter day. Man, I can't wait for ski season! Where do you live? I lived in CO for two years and was able to ski all the time and miss it very much. Hope you have a great snow season. These pretzels look like an awesome way to wrap up a day on the slopes!

  • polwig says:

    >What fun, snow always brings the kid out of everyone… I want an igloo too :(

  • >We never see snow here (San Diego) so when we head to the mountains for a ski trip a snow fall is always special. I have to admit though, that I'm a fair weather skier and would not have been out on that day! Good for you!Love the treats too… My daughter will want to make these!

  • >Sounds like way too much snow :) those pretzel chocolate treats look fantastic, very cute!

  • >These are so cute! When I was in college my mom used to make these little treats and mail them to me for finals week :)Glad you're enjoying the massive snowfall! Have a great holiday :)

  • Zoe says:

    >Heard about the storm…Oh dear…at least you have these delicious treats to keep you happy indoor :D

  • >Oh my, I've never seen snow like that in my life. I'm freezing just thinking about it. These look so good, I've never seen them done with kisses. Stay warm and Happy Holidays.-Gina-

  • Foodessa says:

    >However simplistic…this idea is completely charming me to cheerful bits…will make these for sure!Roxan, it's so strange to see how your region is getting the snow we usually get in Montreal. Soon, if this keeps up…we'll have our streets lined with palm trees!BTW…how sweet of you to send cookies to Tanantha's Bella…what a generous heart you have ;o)Have yourself a fabulous Holiday going forward.Flavourful wishes,Claudia

  • Val says:

    >I love these. I usually make them on Valentine's Day and eat about 20 of them. YUM

  • amy says:

    >THESE. ARE. SO. CUTE.Just found your blog, I am more than content with it!! :P-Amy

  • >oh I've missed so many posts! sorry roxy!wow 12.5 feet!? sweet. I haven't hit a slope this year. Gotta get it going before I'm feeling older than what I'm feeling now. Ha. Yeah, I was looking for a recipe as these little gems look adorable and inviting but couldnt find one. As I finished reading your post, ah-ha moment came. It's so easy to make! I will have to make these to surprise my guests and they wouldnt know how easy they are to make =)

  • >The snow sounds incredible. And, I've never even skied. I'd love to try it some day though. Your chocolate pretzel treats look great. A perfect sweet treat for a great winter day!

  • Indie.Tea says:

    >The snow sounds like so much fun. I'm a bit jealous. And your chocolate pretzels look delicious and adorable.

  • Monet says:

    >It is amazing how much snow the mountains are getting…and how little we are receiving down in the plains! I'm so glad to hear that you had such an amazing run. Your pretzels look like perfect after-skiing treats. Thank you for sharing with me, sweet friend. Have a beautiful Thursday!

  • Kita says:

    >These are adorable! They would make perfect little holiday treats :D

  • >lovely baking..i have never been to a place where the snow falls.. both my home land, which is the southern most part of India as well as the country i am presently living in doesn't have snowfalls at all.. it must be fun to have real snow!

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