>West Side Story at The Pantages and Peppermint Brownies

December 17, 2010 § 17 Comments


With ever increasing responsibilities and complexities of life, it has become more and more difficult for me and my friends to schedule the simplest events – even a small dinner for three people. Emails are exchanged, calendars are shared, and dates get bounced around… and still, sometimes it gets postponed at the last minute. Sometimes, though, all the stars align and the pieces magically fall into place. Last night was one of those times and we were able to seamlessly get together a group of fourteen friends to watch West Side Story play at the Pantages. *snap*snap*snap* This has never happened before so I brought my camera along to document the night.

Since everyone was coming from work and different corners of LA, we knew we would have to eat somewhere fast. We decided on the reliable Pa Ord Noodles, which is right around the corner from the venue. We knew that it would tasty, filling, hearty, and out in a snap – fried rice, noodles, Thai iced coffee and twenty minutes later, we were good to go and arrived at the theater just as the lights were flashing to let us know the show was about to begin.
Great friends, great show, great seats… If you live in the area I definitely recommend that you go see this show. Plays and musicals aren’t really my thing – when I told my friend I was interested in seeing it, her response was “Shut up, stop bull-sh***ing me!!” – but I was really looking forward to this one. There’s snapping involved, how could I not be? It was a fantastic show and I really enjoyed the dancing – it makes me want to start dancing again… When the show got out we headed over to Blue Palms Brewhouse just down the street. Can you tell from the photo how cold we were?
It’s a brewhouse but per usual, I ordered wine anyways. They had a delicious Cab from Justin Winery, which is an excellent winery up in Paso Robles. If you’re ever up there try stopping by their tasting room – it’s a little out there but worth the drive. Naturally we also ordered some post-show snacks including some sweet potato fries and barbecue chicken nachos. After those were finished I secretly wanted to order some spinach artichoke dip, but held back knowing that we had some delicious treats waiting for us at home (including an amazing Harry and David basket that one of Eric’s friends had sent to us!)
Harry & David, homemade fudge, almond toffee, and peppermint  brownies. Late night heaven! Brownies, the often understated and under-appreciated bar cookie. These brownies are dense and fudgey, just the way I like them, and with a whole tablespoon of peppermint extract to them to make them as Christmas-y as possible. I brought half of them to work and they were gone in a jiffy.
Followed recipe exactly, but substituted peppermint extract for the vanilla. I also topped them with additional chocolate chips and mint M&Ms after taking them out of the oven.

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§ 17 Responses to >West Side Story at The Pantages and Peppermint Brownies

  • >Brownies are definintely the best bar cookie out there–I love 'em dense and fudgy as you said these are. The addition of pepermint extract sounds perfect for the holidays :)

  • Monet says:

    >Isn't it amazing how much more difficult it is to get together with friends? We've all grown up and play dates aren't nearly as easy to schedule as they use to be :-) It sounds like you had a wonderful night with your friends. Good food and great entertainment…and those brownies look AMAZING

  • ravienomnoms says:

    >You are so right! It is amazingly hard to get a big group of people together at once…I am so glad that you and your friends were able to break the mold! I love the brownies, they are super cute and festive for the time of year :-)

  • Biren says:

    >Yes, it is certainly difficult to get together. It's sad but we lead such busy lives these days :( Your fudgy peppermint brownies sound really good and I sure can do with a slice right now coming in from the cold. Can you believe I'll be bell ringing again in about 40 minutes in this frigid weather?

  • >Why has modern life made us sooo busy, right? I figured it would make things easier, more doable in quicker, shorter amount of time… but nope..Glad you were able to get together with friends, that's super fun, I miss the days when I friend would pop over for no reason, no plan, and whip up something quick to drink, or snack over..

  • polwig says:

    >Sounds like a fun night, even tough I don't really like musicals either, but anything for friends. Brownies look amazing.

  • >I agree, grownup friendships are tricky when we have to little time to cultivate them. But these brownies would surely bribe a few new friends to stick around!

  • Cristina says:

    >Sounds like it was a great evening catching up with friends during the holiday season. West Side Story would be a great musical to see on stage and I think my Hubbs could make it through it with the great music, dancing and storyline.Mmm – sweet potato fries sound might tasty. Have a great weekend!

  • Evan @swEEts says:

    >That sounds like an awesome time! I love musicals :) I know exactly what you mean when it comes to planning things with friends.. I hate when life gets in the way like that! I think these brownies (as well as the other good food) would draw any friends together!

  • >Looks like a fun evening Roxan. All the food looks good and how much better to share all of it with good friends. The brownies look festive for the holidays and I like the addition of peppermint extract, yum:)

  • Leanne says:

    >I'm glad you were able to have a fun night with friends! It's always so refreshing, even when the planning is stressful! These brownies just might have to make an appearance at my next friends night :)

  • Chef Dennis says:

    >what a great night out! Everyone really should make time to see a local theater production, you will be amazed just how talented everyone is and You had some delicious food, with some great friends …I mean what could be better!thanks for sharing your night out with us!CheersDennis

  • Zoe says:

    >I like your addition of red and green M & M to give the brownies the look of Christmas. Love easy recipes. Thanks for sharing :D

  • Justin says:

    >i love the combination of chocolate and mint — it always makes me think of holiday baking. good thing i stocked up on mint extract.

  • >I know how difficult setting up a meeting with frens can be! My husband says that I end up spending more on phone calls than the actual bills..he he..The M&M addition gives such a beautiful and holiday feel.I love peppermint recipes ..Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comments too.

  • Val says:

    >Mint and brownies….what could be better??? YUMMY combo.

  • Stella says:

    >Yum, I want one of Brooke's brownies! Oh, and I never see my friends or family anymore. It's quite sad actually. In fact, I'm going too e-mail some folks right now…

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