>Miso Ramen As Winter Says Hello Again

December 15, 2010 § 31 Comments


When he walked away in a huff after picking up his mat and slapping it back down in another spot, I expected him to look back and laugh. But he didn’t – he walked right out of the room and the girls sitting near him had looks of bewilderment on their faces. When he walked back in, he stood over his mat thinking for a moment before picking it up again and moving two more times. In the end he settled on a lone spot in the very front of the room. It was all very aggressive. I’m not sure what happened but my guess it that his “space” was shrinking as the class began to fill up. It reminded me of a photo I snapped recently (below) as I entered the freeway for my commute home.

Downtown LA traffic – It’s been really bad lately

Sometimes, life hands us lemons… in LA, life often hands us traffic, but we learn to deal with it. In yoga, often we end up very close to our neighbors – I’ve even been in classes where my mat will overlap with those in front of and behind me. Most of us learn how to share and be happy with the space that is given to us. We remind ourselves that it is a choice to be present.

I remember one class where a lady became upset with me because I had put my mat too close to hers. She began to argue with me – I began to get confused, knowing that it was a class that always filled up. The teacher noticed and stepped in, and the lady ended up picking up her mat and leaving. After class when I thanked the teacher for stepping in, she said she didn’t want that kind of energy in her class anyways. It made me feel better and it was at that instant I truly learned how important it is to share and be selfless in class.

I made this ramen when I got home from class last night. It was perfect as Winter is peeking in her head to say hello again – I hesitate to say that Winter is here to stay because I’ve already said that a couple times. Ramen is such a hearty and quick meal to put together; I believe it warms the soul. My measurements aren’t exact so adjust according to taste…
Miso Ramen:
5 cups Konbu Shiitake Stock (Recipe below)
3 heaping tablespoons of miso paste
2 tbsp soy sauce
3 packages of fresh ramen (about 3 cups, I believe)
Assorted toppings (I used shiitake, fish cake, enoki mushrooms, baby corn, and peas)
Bring Konbu Shiitake stock to a boil. In another small pot filled halfway with water, bring to boiling lightly. Add the ramen noodles and let heat through – they are already cooked so it won’t take much time. Remove the noodles and place in a big bowl for serving. Begin to heat the toppings one by one in the small pot, and and as they are heated, remove from the pot and place somewhere they can stay warm. At this point, add the miso paste to the simmering konbu shiitake stock one tablespoon at a time, and mix so that it is evenly distributed. After the toppings are ready, ladle the hot broth on top of the ramen noodles and place the toppings on top.
Konbu Shiitake Stock:
5 cups water
1 piece konbu (about 3″ by 3″)
3 cloves of crushed garlic
4 dried shiitake mushrooms
Add all the ingredients to a pot and let soak for at least one hour (I let it soak while I was at yoga). Remove the konbu before using the stock. The shiitake mushrooms can be used after they are reconstituted in water, but be sure to remove the stems and slice them up. 

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