>Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream Frosting

November 22, 2010 § 24 Comments


Indulgence [in-duhljuh ns] the act or practice of indulging; gratification of desire.
She pressed into my arms and I could feel the ridges of her fingerprints against the skin. Curious, I thought. She kneaded into my muscles and I felt like I could visualize each swirl and curve that marked the tips of her fingers. If anything, I thought they would have become smooth over the years of massaging those that had come before me. Then, I realized that what I was feeling were the calloused fingers of a masseuse after years of work. I told myself to stop thinking about such things and just enjoy the indulgence that I was allowing myself.

Sweet indulgence. There was much to celebrate this weekend – a thirtieth birthday, the anticipation of a new life breathing into the world, and another birthday. There was indulging to be had. One of my best friends (yes, I have many) was turning 30 so I decided to let my healthy cooking fall to the wayside as I baked her some luxurious cupcakes to ring in the turning of the page, the beginning of a new chapter. After all, it’s balance we all strive for in life isn’t it? We got together to break some bread.. We laughed, we chatted, we reminisced. More indulgence. After dinner, we frantically hugged each other – I think some of us pulled each other in more then once – before parting ways. Eric and I, we began walking to our car but noticed a reflexology place with the ‘open’ sign flashing. My achilles heel. I had to detour for one last sweet stop before heading home.
It’s funny, the different things that the concept of indulgence can be attached to. What is it really? Is it something we reward ourselves with or is it just a little break from status quo? Yesterday, before all the celebrating began I went to a sweaty and invigorating yoga class that left me glowing. What is that? Sometimes, people pair it with the word sinful – meaning it’s so bad that it’s good. I think of yoga as an indulgence, but I would never feel guilty about it the way I do when I eat too many sweets. In fact, I consider it a part of my status quo rather than a break from it… I don’t know why I question these things – all I know is that I enjoy it. Each and every little piece of it and I will gobble up even the smallest and last crumble.


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