>Chocolate Macarons with Dulce de Leche Filling (a first attempt)

October 3, 2010 § 43 Comments


As my husband and I aimlessly wandered the streets of Argentina, one of our favorite things to do was pop into the heladerías for a sweet snack. Without fail, the flavor we almost always got was dulce de leche, and when available, super dulce de leche. Dulce de leche is a sweet caramelized milk that I’ve always liked, but formed a mild obsession for during my vacation. We topped desserts with it, spread it on our morning toast, and sought out pastries accented with this heavenly deliciousness… Not that we needed to look that hard as dulce de leche is readily found everywhere we looked – even at McDonald’s! Here in the states we get vanilla and chocolate soft serve; there, the choices are vanilla and dulce de leche.

Compared to my foodie friends, I am a novice in the kitchen but enjoy trying new recipes and making things from scratch. That being said, up until now macarons have been on my “do not make” list. I made up all sorts of reasons as to why I wouldn’t make them. But the truth was that I was absolutely terrified of making them, and left macarons in the category of ‘No idea how to make these but am perfectly happy forking over money for one that someone else made’ and I was ok with that.
But lately I have seen more and more foodies roll up their sleeves, put their big girl panties on, and venture out into the wild wild world of macaron making. And as far as I know, everyone has not only survived, but they have had at least somewhat successful results. Each post I read about a foodie friend’s macaron success was a gentle nudge for me to try making them myself. Then, last month my sister got me a kitchen scale for my birthday. I took that as a proverbial push towards making a batch of macarons and began to seriously consider it. A couple weeks later while in Argentina I realized that dulce de leche filling would be amazing, and made a mental promise to myself to make them when I got back home. I finally did yesterday, and you know what? Like everyone else, I survived, and while they could have been chewier, they turned out way better than I expected!
Chocolate macaron recipe : Annie’s Eats

Dulce de leche filling:  Cover an unopened can of condensed milk with an inch of water in a slow cooker, and cook on low overnight (or 8 hours)

Find other recipes at Hearth ‘n Soul.


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