>Basic Mochi with Anko (Red Bean Paste) Filling

August 6, 2010 § 17 Comments


Mochi is a sweet and wonderful snack that is appropriate at any time in my opinion. Last night turned out not just to be the appropriate time for them, but the perfect time. I mentioned in my last entry that Eric and I had found ourselves without dinner plans. I was at work and found myself mentally rummaging through the kitchen trying to figure out what to eat when I remembered that I had leftover anko from the cupcakes I made earlier this week. Huzzah! What a wonderful oppourtunity to make some mochi for our friends we would be seeing later in the evening. Just look at those chewy and delectable treats with their bellies full of sweet bean paste. Don’t they make even your eyes smile or at least brighten a bit?

Making mochi is serious business. It is sticky, messy, and involves quite a bit of coordination. Calm and methodological. This was my second attempt at mochi, and while much more successful than the first try, I still have a long way to go. But – like anything else in the kitchen, it’s a practice that we get stronger at as time moves along. And it was nice… Normally after work I go straight to yoga or I’m in a flurry taking care of the dog and getting started on dinner but last night I got to spend some quiet focus on making a nice treat for friends and coworkers.
Look at all these darling mochi friends. Definitely worth the work, I’d say. They are so darling I am tempted to say that they are almost too darling to eat. I would never say something like that though. Often I hear people say that a baked good is too cute to eat, or that a pair of shoes are too nice to wear but I say eat them and wear them! Fulfill their destinies of being eaten or worn. Anything less would be a complete tragedy.
Basic Mochi with Anko Filling:
1 box mochiko (3 cups)
2 cups white sugar
3 cups water
2 drops rice wine vinegar
2 cup corn starch
2 cup powdered sugar
1 cup anko (red bean paste)
In a glass bowl, mix together the mochiko, white sugar, sugar, and vinegar until all lumps are gone. Microwave uncovered for two minutes. Mix, and then microwave another two minutes. Mix again, and the mixture should be starting to get harder. Mix in one minute and then thirty second increments as it gets hotter and more elastic. The mochi dough is done when it is opaque and elastic.
Let the bowl sit on your counter for a few minutes as it cools a bit. Mix the corn starch and powdered sugar together, and pour a very generous amount on top. Dust your hands generously with starch/sugar and continue to do so throughout the process. Dump half the mochi dough on the corn starch and powdered sugar, and some more sugar/starch on top of the mochi. Spread out with your hands to about half an inch thick, or however think you’d like it. Using a knife dusted with the starch/sugar, cut out an eighth of the dough, and place about 1 1/2 tsp anko inside. Cinch closed.

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