>Honey polvorón ice cream

April 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

>My mother in law recently visited the Philippines and brought us back a box of polvoron knowing how much I love them. We got through about half the box before I wondered if there was an expiration date on them, and began to think about other ways to we could use them, incorporating them into other fantastic treats. I decided to turn them into an ice cream because I thought the flavors and textures would blend well together.

Polvorons remind me of Mexican de la Rosa candies. When I was younger I would buy a few of them at a time, stack them on top of each other and eat them one by one. Anyways, polvoron is perfect for ice cream because of its crumbly texture. It’s made up of just peanuts, flour, sugar, butter, and powdered milk and there’s nothing really binding it together so when unwrapping one, you need to be really careful. I made that pile of crumbled polvoron by gently squeezing them with my fingers.
The final product. Can you see the chunks of polvoron in there? I don’t know if it’s the polvoron or the honey I used in place of some of the sugar but the ice cream ended up tasting like Butterfingers. Yum! The recipe I used is based off of the one I’m linking below, only I replaced most of the sugar with honey and used half 1% milk and half heavy cream (only because I had some and needed to use it). Next time I’ll use only milk to see how that turns out. I’m not sure how creamy it would be with such a low fat content but it’s definitely worth a shot.
Who wants to come over and eat ice cream?

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